My Mission

Situated in the southern half of Lancaster County, the 13th Senatorial District of Pennsylvania includes the burgeoning City of Lancaster, a host of beautiful suburbs and some of the most breathtaking farmland in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Unlike other districts, which may be wholly urban, suburban or rural, Lancaster’s convergence of interests is not without its challenges. Blight, urban sprawl and economic stagnation are constant threats to the Lancaster County way of life.

My role as Senator is to help constituents gain access to the government services they need, ensure each child has access to a quality education, and to help provide the economic tools necessary for our communities to prosper. My mission is to serve, and that begins with hearing what you have to say.

To that end, I am always searching for new ways to interact with the constituents of the 13th District, and whether that happens in person at Town Halls, through email correspondence or via social media like Twitter and Facebook, I value your input and welcome your participation.

Feel free to contact me here or give me a call at one of my offices, which are listed below.