Good Government

As a former businessman and township supervisor, I have seen the plus and minus of local control.  As a state Senator, I see this conflict in issues large and small all the time.  What I have consistently found, however, is that the old adage “local government governs best,” is often repeated for a very good reason: it is true.

The bad news is that the competition for attention and priority for action has gotten more intense. The good news is that changes in the economy and in politics have deeply pierced conventional wisdom. Consequently, all sorts of issues are being exhumed from the policy graveyard.

Good government has several important hallmarks:

  • it is limited in scope, but broad in approach
  • it cultivates the free market but avoids controlling it
  • it focuses on the governed rather than those who govern
  • it furthers economic liberty and a well-educated constituency

Eliminating mandates, reducing government spending and empowering taxpayers is at the heart of good government, and it begins with prudence and personal accountability.  As your state Senator, these philosophies will continue to govern my decision-making and my priorities.