Education in PA

Education discussions in Pennsylvania bear watching for several reasons. One is the emotional intensity of the argument.  This can be chalked up to the collision between ever-rising costs, differing definitions of the best interests of children, and the reality that everyone is an expert by virtue of being in a school at one time or another.  With the scads of education data out there, anyone can cherry-pick numbers to prove nearly any contention.  Stray comparisons can make great talking points, but rarely do they compel the majority to support a dramatic change.

I am a graduate of Lancaster Mennonite School.  My three kids are enrolled in Lampeter-Strasburg schools.  So I have seen education from both sides of the fence.  My election was much more a reflection of my business experience than my educational background.  In business, you cannot afford to ignore the bottom-line imperative for results or to waste capital on hope-for-the-best strategies. The same holds true for education.

A great distance exists between good intentions and practical policy. My personal philosophy is pragmatic.  I want to ensure that quality learning takes place wherever and whenever possible for every child in Pennsylvania. The future of our Commonwealth depends on it.