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HARRISBURG — During a news conference at the state Capitol Building today, Senator Lloyd Smucker (R-13) and several statewide advocacy groups pushed for the modernization of Pennsylvania’s election laws.

Smucker detailed the benefits of Senate Bill 37, legislation he authored that would allow state residents to register to vote online.

“Online registration has the potential to broaden the pool of eligible voters while reducing errors and saving the state money,” Smucker said. “Signing this legislation into law would be a strong signal that elected officials are serious about encouraging greater participation in our democracy.”

Senate Bill 37 received unanimous approval in the Senate in April and was sent to the House of Representatives for consideration. At least 18 other states have approved similar measures to make the voter registration process more convenient.

“There is a lengthy list of potential reforms aimed at modernizing election laws to encourage voter participation, but there is nothing simpler and more immediately available than online registration,” Smucker said. “There is every reason to do this, and do it now.”


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